Longitudinal cutting

Longitudinal cutting

Our company is ready to make longitudinal cutting of coiled electrical steel into strips (subcoils) from the customer’s material.

The line, put into operation in May 2020, allows obtaining a consistently high quality and significantly reducing the period for cutting strips for further processing.

Equipment capabilities:

  • Cutting electrical steel up to 0.5 mm thick (including grades NV30S-120, NV30S-130, T111-30s, T130-30S, M400, etc.)
  • Mother coil width up to 1250 mm
  • Mother coil weight up to 5 tons
  • burr on the edge, no more than 20 microns
  • deviation in roll width no more than 0.1 mm

We will be happy to provide our partners not only with services for the manufacture of assembled magnetic cores, but also separate longitudinal cutting of electrical anisotropic and isotropic steel into strips.