Power Grids 2018, Moscow

“Magnitosila” already traditionally, took part in the international forum “Power Grids 2018”

Says the General Director, A. Zubarkov:

“I have been familiar with the “Power Grids of Russia” exhibition for at least 12 years and am glad that in 2018 a qualitatively new stage in the development of this event was held. This forum, rightfully, can be considered the main and most representative event of the year in the electric power industry. That is why our company traditionally chooses “Power Grids” as a platform for the presentation of relevant products and meetings with partners!
At the stand of Magnitosila, the dominant feature was an eight-hundred-kilogram magnetic circuit for a dry power transformer made using step-lap technology. The product is specific, and the more valuable is the high interest of visitors to it. Compared to last year, we noted approximately 50% more visitors and productive contacts. For us, this is the main indicator.
If we talk about the forum as a whole, then the representation of system giants (Rosseti, Rostec, etc.) has clearly increased, which gives hope for increased government attention to the problems of the electric grid complex. ”

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