Dear colleagues!

We offer you cooperation in sphere of magnetic cores production for oil and dry transformers, made by "step-lap" technology, as well as straight and combined cut.
Our company possible to supply fully assembled transformer cores and sets of silicon steel sheets for subsequent assembly .

Our company has successfully manufactured magnetic cores for transformers up to capacities of 25,000 kVA. Also we have experience in the development and manufacture of magnetic cores for non-standard projects.
For production of magnetic cores laminations we using modern cut-to-length machine. We has own lifting and assembly equipment, which allows us to assemble magnetic cores weighing up to 6.3 tons. We are ready not only to perform any orders for magnetic systems according to the customer's drawings, but also propose an in-depth analysis of the design with suggestion of recommendations on cost reduction, improvement of manufacturability and technical characteristics of products.

 Standard width of the strips is from 50 mm to 490 mm (10 mm increments). 
Standard electrical steel type: 3409 (3408) 0,3mm 
Standard hole sizes - 11, 17, 22, 30 mm

Our principle is reliability in everything.
This means that our promises will be fulfilled by 100%.
- we provide only reliable information about the production time;
- our prices are final and do not contain hidden additional costs;


MAGNITOSILA - manufacturer of magnetic cores
Adress: Ryazanskoe shosse 1, Moscow region
              Russia 140170
Phone: +7 495 740-61-78
e-mail: info@step-lap.com

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